FAIR1 MATS is the acronyms for precise Measurements on very short-lived nuclei using an Advanced Trapping System. MATS is one of the NUSTAR experiments at the future facility FAIR (Facility for Antiprotons and Ion Research) to be built in Darmstadt (Germany). More information can be found at: Future Project MATS within NUSTAR at FAIR.


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shiptrap SHIPTRAP is a Penning trap facility coupled to the velocity filter SHIP at GSI-Darmstadt leaded by Professor Michael Block (University of Mainz, GSI-Darmstadt and HIM-Mainz). It has been built to carry out experiments on superheavy elements. More information can be found at: The SHIPTRAP experiment at GSI.


QUTIS Group (UPV/EHU Bilbao)

qutis_figure QUTIS (“Quantum Technologies for Information Science”) is a research group leaded by Prof. Enrique Solano (IKERBASQUE and University of the Basque Country) devoted to develop novel theory in the field of quantum technologies and the implementation of ideas in different experimental platforms like for instance trapped ions collaborating with the group at the University of Granada. More information can be found in: QUTIS Group.


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