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New publication out in New Journal of Physics


Our recent results following the work carried out during several years has been published in New Journal of Physics. In this publication, we present the 7-tesla Penning-trap facility built at the University of Granada and the infrastructure that we have developed to perform Doppler cooling of 40Ca+ ions in 7 tesla, presenting the first fluorescence signal and first proof of laser cooling in the strongest magnetic field. This constitutes a fundamental step towards Doppler cooling of a single 40Ca+ ion in such scenario, unique in the world, to use this ion as a high-sensitive sensor in a variety of precision experiments. It also paves the way to perform side-band cooling for experiments in the quantum regime in such high magnetic field. Photo: Irene Poga.

The TRAPSENSOR facility: an open-ring 7 tesla Penning trap for laser-based precision experiments

M. J. Gutiérrez, J. Berrocal, J. M. Cornejo, F. Domínguez, J. J. Del Pozo, I. Arrazola, J. Bañuelos, P. Escobedo, O. Kaleja, L. Lamata, R. A. Rica, S. Schmidt, M. Block, E. Solano and D. Rodríguez, New J. Phys. 21 023023 (2019)